Investment Philosophy

We Invest with a Tailored, Partnership-Based Value Creation Approach to Maximise our Investors’ Returns While Protecting Their Capital

• Deep Partnership Approach
• Creative and Contrarian Outlook
• Active ownership with clear operational and/or strategic value-add
• Responsible Investing
• Technology Base Capabilities
• Flexible and Able to Accommodate all Stakeholders’ Objectives
• Ability to create innovative financing solutions for portfolio companies
• Fast and Local Decision Making


Investment Criteria


Partnership approach

We view our company as the sum total of its stakeholder relationships

We have a proven track record of partnerships with trusted shareholders and management teams

We have an long-standing track record of delivering transaction solutions critical to other stakeholders’ positions

Management Teams

  • Empowerment
  • Alignment through ownership
  • Support with Novalpina resources
  • Trust and respect


  • Ability to deliver deal solutions
  • Flexibility to address objectives, even when conflicting with other stakeholders
  • Long track record of naturally beneficial partnerships

A successful transaction is a deal that delivers a positive outcome for all stakeholders, as the best sustainable platform for profitable growth for our companies


Novalpina Value - Add

We are active stakeholders where our capital, experience and insight can release the potential of businesses and lead to significant growth

We support

our portfolio companies to have A+ Management Teams in place

We empower and support

our management teams in pursuit of their strategic objectives

We agree

strategic plans early on and actively help execute them

  • With capital to support external growth strategies
    • Platform building has been a hallmark of our track record
  • With strategic expertise and operational capabilities to support and accelerate management’s execution
    • Operational capabilities from commercial to supply chain value add
    • Strong focus on matching goals and capabilities

We have

differentiated technological capabilities to drive growth


Flexible Transactions

Transactions are multi-dimensional, and we are set up to accommodate and fulfil different objectives,

Every deal is unique and we craft deal structures as such