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Our Capital, Expertise And Flexible Approach Make Us Unique Transaction Partners



We buy

Quality Businesses and Assets

We are experts in

Transactional and operational value add

We offer

A tailored and flexible approach to deal-making and unlocking complexity

We and our partners benefit from

A fast decision process





Our investment philosophy relies on a particular focus on responsible Investing

Decision making at Novalpina Capital and our partners is informed by a strong focus on ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and GOVERNANCE – related matters.

By having ESG as an integral part of our business model, Novalpina and our portfolio companies mitigate risks and drive long-term value creation and sustainability.

All investments made by Novalpina take into account the ESG principles. To manifest our commitment to this approach, we are signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investments, promoted by the United Nations.

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Our fundamental belief is that our focus and commitment is a cornerstone of Novalpina’s ability to mitigate social and business risk and create Long-Term Value Creation and Sustainability in our fund, portfolio companies and beyond.